Solvay Launches New Technologies To Fight Spread Of COVID-19

Oct. 13, 2020
Solvay’s long-lasting disinfection solution as well as latest technology in antiviral and antibacterial polyamide textile serves the fight against the spread of COVID-19.

Solvay launches two new products that it says will eliminate and keep bacteria and viruses away from many surfaces and avoid cross-contamination. Actizone is a long-lasting antimicrobial technology that reportedly delivers 24-hour surface protection. While typical disinfectants may kill germs on surfaces for only a few minutes, Solvay's new technology reportedly traps antimicrobial actives to form a protective film on surfaces. The actives initially kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and go on to deliver 24-hour antibacterial protection while ensuring excellent shine and a residue-free finish, according to the company. Solvay's technology is reliable across multiple surfaces, including polycarbonate, glass and metal and eliminates the need for continual cleanings throughout the day.

Solvay also develops a new polyamide polymer and yarn - Amni Virus-Bac OFF - in Solvay’s research centers in Brazil. The product incorporates antiviral and antibacterial agents, thus enabling the fabric to block further contamination of a wide range of diseases. It can be used for producing knits and fabrics for several applications, such as car and bus seat covers, or in the manufacturing of masks, clothing and protectors. Its antiviral and antibacterial action remains throughout the lifetime of the textile article and offers the same effectiveness after countless washes, according to the company.

“Facing the pandemic, our focus has been on how we can use our expertise and production capacities to help fight the spread of COVID-19,” says Ilham Kadri, CEO of Solvay Group. “Since the beginning of the pandemic, Solvay reinvented itself to adapt its production and develop new ones, showing the essential role chemistry has to play in facing these new health challenges worldwide. Solvay has been active in the manufacture of ventilators in respirators, ingredients used in COVID tests or in a potential vaccine, flavors used in antitussive drugs, plastics used to make protective face shields as well as H2O2 disinfectant for cleaning purposes.”

Solvay says it is already in discussions with customers, suppliers and public authorities in Europe, North and South America for possible applications of both technologies.

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