NSF International Recognizes Leaders In Fight Against COVID-19

Feb. 16, 2021
Digital campaign recognizes individuals and businesses making public health a top priority for 2021.

NSF International, a global public health and safety organization, is honoring individuals and institutions that have demonstrated scientific or technical leadership and innovation in the fight against COVID-19. The digital campaign features short video stories about the efforts of 10 leaders and innovators from a wide range of industries in North America and Europe. From designing and manufacturing ventilators, masks and PPE to coordinating clinical trials for COVID-19 therapeutics and vaccines, the featured individuals have demonstrated remarkable ingenuity and a tireless commitment to protecting human health during the pandemic, according to the organization.

"We want to recognize the extraordinary efforts of NSF clients who have performed heroic acts across the scientific and business communities to fight the spread of COVID-19 and the economic challenges the pandemic has brought on our communities," says Colette LaForce, chief marketing officer at NSF International. "These inspirational stories reflect a range of efforts from organizations that are actively applying COVID-19 controls in novel ways."

The stories begin with a two-minute segment about Midtown Detroit, Inc., an early adopter of mandatory face masks at participating museums and cultural attractions. Other featured individuals and institutions include:

  • Dr. Federico Formenti, OxVent and King's College London
  • John Anderson, Michigan Science Center
  • Vikki Beadle, Smith + Nephew
  • James Pink, UK Ventilator Challenge
  • Patricia Walker, Michigan Opera Theatre
  • Mary Ryan, Penlon ESO 2 Ventilator
  • Peter Shearstone, Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Ali Ardakani, Novateur Ventures

The videos and other content are available at NSF's COVID-19 leaders and innovators collection. New videos will be published each week on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

For more information, visit: www.nsf.org

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