Honeywell Supports Key Carbon Capture Projects Across Europe

March 29, 2021
Aker Carbon Capture selects Honeywell as a key contributor to its work on some of the world’s largest carbon dioxide capture and storage endeavors focused on helping Europe reach its long-term climate goals.

Honeywell announces that Aker Carbon Capture has selected Honeywell as a key contributor to its work on some of the world’s largest carbon dioxide (CO2) capture and storage endeavors focused on helping Europe reach its long-term climate goals. Aker Carbon Capture will use Honeywell’s software, along with its proprietary tools, for research and development (R&D) in key project operations.

Heavy industry continues to be one of the most significant contributors to man-made carbon emissions that some scientific research implicates as a primary cause for climate change, according to Honeywell. Several governments are working with companies to capture carbon emissions during production. European governments are developing onshore terminals to receive liquified CO2 from industrial capture sites. The terminals process and deliver liquified CO2 by pipeline to an offshore storage location under the ocean for permanent storage. Some of these projects will be critical drivers in helping Europe meet its ambition of carbon-neutrality by 2050 through the scaling up of CO2 capture across the continent. 

Honeywell brings its experience in leveraging digital tools to design, run and optimize industrial environments. Honeywell’s expertise in digital transformation and process simulation solutions will help Aker Carbon Capture with research and design tasks in order to achieve its sustainability targets, according to the company.

Aker Solutions, a sister company of Aker Carbon Capture, has been using Honeywell’s UniSim Design software, part of Honeywell Forge family of solutions, for several years to enable key operational processes across the company. Now Aker Carbon Capture can utilize UniSim Design’s extensibility in three key areas to complement their proprietary software:

• Design – UniSim Design will be used to create steady-state and dynamic models through the appropriate selection of thermodynamics properties, feed compositions, operating conditions and control operations. The offering will enable engineers to estimate energy consumption and emissions in order to calculate energy for equipment, native molecular balance capabilities and thermodynamic models for CO2 compression, pipeline transport and de-pressuring.

• Optimize – The software leverages digital twin technology – digital replications of processes – which is used to simulate complex processes and analyze scenarios to determine optimal operating conditions.

• Monitor – The offering will allow engineers to monitor plant assets and key operational processes in real time to ensure safer operations, by comparing their current conditions to the UniSim Design prediction models, and understand any performance deltas.

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