Transform Materials Scales Hydrogen Production After Successful Pilot

May 19, 2021
Transform Materials validates net-carbon-negative technology at pilot plant.

Transform Materials LLC, a sustainable chemical company with a patented net-carbon-negative process to produce commercial acetylene and hydrogen, announces a milestone in scaling its global production capability. Transform with its licensing partner, DSM Nutritional Products Ltd, part of Netherlands-based Royal DSM, declare the successful operation of Transform’s pilot chemical plant in Riviera Beach, Florida. This reportedly paves the way for the development of large-scale commercial production. Transform says it conducted more than six months of testing and evaluation to complete and meet the rigorous milestone targets proving a 99% operational uptime.

Under the licensing agreement, Transform grants DSM certain rights to Transform’s patented technology when used in the production of vitamins, carotenoids and nutritional ingredients. DSM aims to enable low-carbon energy offerings that support the transition to a low carbon economy and at the same time offer further greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction opportunities for customers.

“Taking responsible action on climate change and reducing our carbon footprint is a key value driver for our company,” says Ronald Gebhard, VP of process innovation for DSM Nutritional Products. “Transform’s net-carbon-negative process is a game-changer in the development of renewable acetylene and hydrogen, key products used in so many industries and typically produced at higher cost and with high carbon emissions. For us, Transform’s process is an important green technology that fits well into our portfolio to continue to implement our business strategy to be purpose-led and performance-driven.”

Following the milestone achievement of the pilot plant, Transform and DSM Nutritional Products are in discussions on how to integrate the Transform technology into its manufacturing network to support DSM’s continued growth.

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