Ascend’s Emission Reduction Effort Earns ACC Initiative Of The Year

June 15, 2022
Ascend is recognized with Responsible Care award for commitment to reducing emissions.

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) recognizes Ascend Performance Materials with its 2022 Responsible Care Initiative of the Year award for its transition to cleaner energy at its Decatur, Alabama, manufacturing facility and overall commitment to reducing emissions.  Ascend’s Decatur site manufactures key raw materials used to make nylon 6,6, a material used in everyday products, including automotive parts, airbags, electronics, textiles and other consumer goods. The process to produce these raw materials requires both steam and electricity.

In December 2021, Ascend reportedly replaced Decatur’s legacy coal-fired steam boilers with three new cogeneration units to help reduce the company’s overall environmental footprint. The new units will not only produce steam, but will also generate electricity onsite. Once fully operational, the units are projected to reduce the facility’s permitted emissions of pollutants including nitrous oxide, sulfur oxide, carbon monoxide and VOCs, by 80%, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40%. This reduction is the equivalent to removing approximately 60,000 passenger vehicles from the road every year, according to ACC. 

When operating at capacity, the new cogeneration units produce enough steam to power the entire site and offset most of the site’s electricity consumption from the grid, while also adding 11 new jobs. This effort reportedly is part of a larger commitment by Ascend to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2030, in support of the UN Global Compact’s Sustainable Development Goals. 

“Responsible Care companies are committed to advancing sustainability while producing the vital products consumers rely on every day. By investing in cleaner energy sources and committing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Ascend clearly demonstrates its commitment to Responsible Care’s ethos of doing more, and doing better,” sau Tara Henriksen, ACC’s managing director of Responsible Care, in a press release from the organization. “We are proud to recognize Ascend as the 2022 Responsible Care Initiative of the Year award winner.”

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