Data Logger Designed For Analog Input

Jan. 19, 2012
Model includes eight universal analog inputs that support a wide range of thermocouples.

CAS DataLoggers and Novus Automation have released the Novus FieldLogger RTU 8-Channel Universal Input Data Logger, a microprocessor-based data acquisition device and recorder designed for analog input. The data logger can operate either as an RTU linked to a PC for online recording and supervision, or a standalone data logger with real-time clock and graph capabilities.

Featuring eight universal analog inputs supporting a wide range of thermocouples as well as Pt100, mA, mV and higher voltages, the Novus FieldLogger is DIN rail-compatible and includes a 35-mm rail mounting in an ABS enclosure. Configuration is retained in non-volatile memory, and configuration and data retrieval are managed using PC software.

The data logger offers an RS485 interface allowing communication up to 1.6 miles (1 km). For users without a RS485 port on their PC, a USB-RS485/RS422 converter is available. The data logger is also capable of performing mathematical operations in the input channels and includes a digital input for remote start/stop and two alarm relay channels.

Recording can be performed in temperatures from 32 degrees to 130 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees to 55 degrees Celsius). With internal resolution of 20,000 counts and linearity of better than 0.05% of FS, the device can scan eight channels in 0.5 seconds. Free, downloadable FieldChart configuration utility software is included, while users needing more in-depth data analysis can upgrade to the full FieldChart analysis software.

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