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Data Logger Designed For Analog Input

Jan. 19, 2012
Model includes eight universal analog inputs that support a wide range of thermocouples.

Intelligent Data Logger Stores Up To 10 Million Data Points

Dec. 14, 2010
DT82EM has four universal analog input channels that allow it to connect to most sensors and data measurement sources.

Web-Based Software Is Available For Data Loggers

July 7, 2010
CAS Data Loggers has launched the dEX for the dataTaker DT8x family of data loggers. dEX is a complete Web-based software package for configuring, monitoring and retrieving data...

Data Logger Optimized For Solar Or Battery Powered Operation

Jan. 26, 2010
CAS Data Loggers recently announced the new dataTaker DT82E environmental data logger. The DT82E is a robust, stand alone, low power data logger featuring support for SDI-12 sensors...