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Seán Ottewell, Editor At Large



Seán Ottewell is a freelance editor based in Ireland. Previously, he had been Editor in Chief of the Institution of Chemical Engineers' magazine The Chemical Engineer.

He has an impressive background in the chemical industry. After earning his degree in biochemistry at Warwick University, UK, he earned his masters in radiation biochemistry from the University of London. His first job out of school was with the UK Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, London, where he served as scientific officer with the food science radiation unit.

From there he entered the world of publishing. In 1990 he was the assistant editor of The Chemical Engineer, later moving on to the chief editor's position. Since 1998 he has been a regular contributor to European Process Engineer, European Chemical Engineer, International Oil & Gas Engineer, European Food Scientist, EuroLAB, International Power Engineer, published by Setform Limited, London, UK.

Chemical Processing has been proud to call Ottewell Editor at Large since 2007.

He and his family run a holiday cottage in the small village of Bracklagh in East Mayo. He also fancies himself an alpaca farmer.

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