How Did the Fantastic Four Get So Fantastic?

I’m a comic book fan by marriage. Actually, I’m a fan of the stories – not so much the books. My husband is a purest. He knows the back story to nearly every super hero and gets really perturbed when Hollywood doesn’t follow the path that the comic writers and artists laid out. I heard an earful about how the upcoming movie "Fantastic Four" totally went rogue and the studio basically thumbed their noses at Marvel. For casual viewers, no one will probably be the wiser. But for fans like my husband, it’s as big of a discrepancy as the actual science behind how the four got their super powers. It seems someone at the American Chemical Society feels the way my husband does. The latest Reactions video points out the movie has a new origins story on how the four became so fantastic. The video “kicks it old school” and examines the true story – radiation.




Traci Purdum is Chemical Processing’s senior digital editor. She will stand united with her husband and boycott the movie – at least until it comes out on cable. You can email her at