ABB Introduces Loop Tuning Accelerator Service

Aug. 19, 2015
The service speeds time to tune automatic control loops.

ABB’s Loop Tuning Accelerator Service reduces the time between diagnosing control loop issues and tuning the loops.

ABB launches the Loop Tuning Accelerator Service powered by ServicePort to reduce the time between diagnosing control loop issues and tuning the loops to improve performance. The Loop Tuning Accelerator Service uses data already gathered, analyzed and stored to identify issues so corrective tuning can take place without process “bump” tests. The service is designed for customers in cement, chemicals, metals, mining, oil & gas, pulp & paper and other process industries.

Data used by the Loop Tuning Accelerator Service has already been automatically classified and prioritized based on severity, criticality and financial impact according to key performance indicators (KPIs) tracked by the ABB Loop Performance Monitoring Service. The data helps control engineers find the root cause of issues, leading to information that is used to improve control loop tuning.

Engineers can perform control loop using LoopTune, an ABB Workbench Tool. LoopTune is a stand-alone software package based on proprietary algorithms that is integrated with ABB ServicePort.

The ABB Loop Tuning Accelerator Service is delivered through the ABB ServicePort, a remote-enabled service delivery platform that provides a secure connection to ABB services and expertise. Deployed at customer locations, ServicePort enables delivery of local and remote services, and provides customers and ABB service experts a real-time view of KPIs, and diagnostic and system data. Data collected is highly secure as it remains on-site and requires user identification to view, according to the company.

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