Brazil Facility Uses Honeywell Process Controls

Oct. 28, 2015
ICL Brasil will be the first in the world to use Honeywell’s Experion Orion Console.

Honeywell Experion Orion Console

ICL Brasil will be the first to use Honeywell Process Solutions’ Experion Orion Console. The company will also use Honeywell’s Universal I/O technology to modernize its production facility in Cajati, near Sao Paulo. Experion Orion Console – built on Honeywell’s Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS) control platform – features an improved ergonomic design, better displays and stronger capabilities to meet the needs of mobile plant operators, according to the company.

The console features a large, ultra-high definition display with clear status readings of operations. Operators can customize displays to prioritize data that is needed for a given process or operation. The display can also be set to show operating limits and targets. The console features adjustable sitting and standing operating positions to reduce fatigue. The console was developed using the Honeywell User Experience.

Use of Honeywell’s Universal I/O (input/output) technology will reportedly speed project schedules, reduce production downtime and reduce the stock of spare parts. Universal I/O modules allow operators to remotely configure channels as digital or analog, allowing the system to become operational as soon as the points are set and eliminating the need to re-open panels to replace cards or adjust wiring even if there are changes later in the project. Using Universal I/O modules reportedly allows plants to reduce the number of spares, which is important for large projects such as the ICL Brasil upgrade, which can have more than 10,000 I/O points.

While ICL Brasil is the first major facility to install the Experion Orion Console, HPS has similar projects ongoing at chemical plants, refineries, mines and other production sites in countries including Chile, Mexico, the U.S., Korea, Australia, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Oman.

For more information, visit: www.honeywellprocess.com

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