FieldComm Group Honors MOL Danube Refinery

Sept. 19, 2016
MOL Danube refinery is named FieldComm Group 2015 Plant of the Year.

MOL Danube Refinery is the first-ever repeat winner of FieldComm Group’s Plant of the Year Award.

FieldComm Group names the Danube Refinery of MOL, Plc, located in Szazhalombatta, Hungary, as the FieldComm Group 2015 Plant of the Year. The annual award recognizes companies and plant sites around the globe that are using FOUNDATION Fieldbus, HART and WirelessHART technology in real-time applications for improved operations, maintenance and asset productivity, according to the organization. This is reportedly the second award for the Danube Refinery, having first been recognized in 2010.

“This project began by integrating process instrument diagnostics and device utilization with CMMS (computerized maintenance management system), AMS (asset management system) and SAP, combining islands of systems that used to be separate, and creating triggers for launching transmitters, control valves and positioners,” says Gábor Bereznai, head of maintenance engineering at MOL Danube. “This was done by having the diagnostic system inform the CMMS about the valves. This data could then be used in morning meetings with our maintenance team and other staff to help us do risk assessments, and identify other problems.”

The HART, WirelessHART and FOUNDATION Fieldbus technologies reportedly helped MOL:

  • Save $2 million in reduced maintenance costs and avoided unscheduled shutdowns;
  • Reduce commissioning time 20% with HART;
  • Increase plant’s profit potential with increased loop-control accuracy and data availability;
  • Save two days of unscheduled downtime or at least €637,000 when data let staff diagnose and repair a head pressure control’s intelligent positioner, instead of removing the entire valve;
  • Reduce valves selected for repair during a planned shutdown from 60% to 5% for an estimated savings of €54,600 per unit per shutdown.

Previous award recipients reportedly include Nucor Steel (USA), Dow Chemical (USA), Monsanto (USA); Shell (Canada); MOL (Hungary); Mitsubishi Chemical (Japan); PVSDA (Venezuela); Statoil (Norway); Sasol Solvents (South Africa); BP (USA);  Clariant (Germany); and DuPont (USA).

For more information, visit: www.fieldcommgroup.org

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