Bedrock Automation Releases Cybershield 3.0

June 25, 2018
Bedrock Cybershield 3.0 offers open secure automation, OSA with a suite of cyber defense tools and open SCADA partners.

Bedrock Automation releases Cybershield 3.0, a major firmware upgrade with advancements that make it easier for end users and developers to build control applications that are both open and secure, according to the company.  The Cybershield 3.0 upgrade facilitates the first public key infrastructure (PKI) built into an OPC UA server for SCADA applications; an industrial certificate authority (CA) for user key management; virtual crypto key locks for the controller; and a secure proxy server capability that can protect legacy controls systems of other vendors. 

Bedrock Cybershield 3.0 includes the following capabilities:

  • Secure Open SCADA with OPC UA. Bedrock Certificate Authority (CA) verifies the reliability of OPC UA-managed communications between SCADA and PLCs or other industrial control systems. 
  • Open Certificate Authority (CA) for SCADA.  This advanced SaaS key and certificate management tool is simple to deploy with Bedrock’s Secure SCADA Interface Specification.  SCADA providers, including Inductive Automation, ICONICS and Tatsoft, are reportedly committing to and releasing support to this interface specification.
  • Intrusion detection. Cybershield 3.0 comes standard with intrinsic Anomaly Detection (AD) functionality that continuously monitors the controller’s network and system time to detect intrusions and anomalous behavior and report it to both SCADA and enterprise database applications for trending, alarming and historizing anomalous cyber activity. 
  • Quickly Secure Legacy Automation with Secure SCADA. Companies can now use Bedrock security to help integrate open standard communications protocols with legacy PLC and DCS systems from other vendors. A Bedrock secure controller module acts as a gateway between SCADA platform workstation and the legacy controllers. 
  • Cryptographic key locking. Cybershield 3.0 also includes a cryptographic controller engineering key lock that permits only users with the required credentials to change the mode of the controller.  
  • Achilles and EMP compliance on power supplies. Bedrock Automation is certifying its standalone power supply and standalone uninterruptible lithium power supply to both MiL-STD-461-G, the military standard for advanced EMP hardening, and Achilles Level 2 certification, augmenting the EMP and Achilles certification achieved for its control system modules last year.