Emerson Upgrades Plantweb IIoT Platform

Oct. 6, 2017
Enhancements include new mobility and decision-support technologies plus services for operations consulting and upskilling.

Emerson unveils enhancements to its Plantweb digital ecosystem, the company’s Industrial IoT automation platform. Plantweb expands on existing automation infrastructure to make Industrial IoT scalable and achievable, according to the company, with a portfolio of Pervasive Sensing technologies, e suite of analytical software tools, secure data infrastructure devices and expert services. Enhancements to the Plantweb digital ecosystem portfolio include:

• Pervasive Sensing: Emerson’s Pervasive Sensing is the foundation of the Plantweb digital ecosystem, providing enhanced visibility into process performance and asset health, so experts have the information needed to drive operational improvements. The network of sensing, measuring and monitoring technologies reportedly features more than 50 wireless devices for temperature, pressure, corrosion, vibration, acoustic and more. The portfolio is expanded to include the new wireless Rosemount 928 toxic gas and Therm-o-Disc Power Meter monitoring products. 

• Secure First Mile: As global adoption of Industrial IoT increases demand for robust cybersecurity strategies, Emerson’s Secure First Mile provides secure transfer of actionable data from Operational Technology (OT) systems to authorized internet-based applications, services or mobile users, according to the company. Emerson’s data-security portfolio is enhanced through certification by ISA Secure, the industry standard for secure systems deployment. To accelerate adoption of new service relationships like Emerson’s Connected Services, the Plantweb Secure First Mile works with a variety of standard security models to integrate with customer IT infrastructure to create a secure connection best suited to the existing technology architecture, according to Emerson. This includes cloud-to-cloud or direct Edge connection to field level sensor and instruments via Azure IoT technology.

• Plantweb Insight: Emerson’s Plantweb Insight is a scalable and lightweight, web-based software platform that reportedly helps users instantly make sense of plant data by leveraging Pervasive Sensing technologies and pre-built analytics to provide relevant-time monitoring and identification of abnormal situations for specific asset classes. Plantweb Insight now includes applications for air-cooled heat exchangers, corrosion, heat exchangers, network management and pressure relief devices.

For more information on Emerson’s new Plantweb solutions, visit: www.emerson.com/plantweb

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