Bedrock Introduces Flow Measurement Into OSA Platform

Feb. 5, 2020
Bedrock OSA and Flow-Cal algorithms bring oil and gas measurement and custody transfer securely into the digital age.

Bedrock Automation introduces full integration of flow computer functionality into its Open Secure Automation (OSA) platform. The new OSA +Flow family embeds Flow-Cal measurement applications into the Bedrock Automation platform. 

“Flow computer users are at a critical juncture. The measurement and control technology they have been using are mostly at the end of life and many of the incumbent new offerings are built on technologies and ideas that are already out of date,” says Bedrock Automation Founder, CEO and CTO Albert Rooyakkers. “We approach the application differently by integrating the world’s best measurement software directly into the Bedrock OSA automation platform. With one automation platform and a single zero-cost engineering environment, users can configure measurement and custody transfer applications, program all field I/O and control strategies, and deploy industrial connectivity protocols such as HART, Ethernet IP, and Modbus alongside OPC UA and MQTT.”

The OSA +Flow software is incorporated across all Bedrock controllers providing scalability for PLC, RTU or DCS flow control requirements at custody transfer stations, separators and other oil and gas production facilities. These offerings include full support of multi-drop serial, Ethernet and HART for Coriolis, ultrasonic and smart transmitters.

The Bedrock OSA +Flow and the OSA Remote +Flow solutions will ship to first customers in the Spring of 2020.

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