Equipment & Services: February

Feb. 19, 2007
Chemical Processing's Equipment & Services feature provides a variety of production equipment, supplier services and parts.

Compressed air meter comes in three sizes

The CAM digital compressed air meter detects leaks in compressed air systems by using the calorimetric measuring principle. The meter offers a quick, accurate readout and is said to be virtually maintenance free. The unit is available in three different process connection sizes: 1/2-in. NPT, 1-in. NPT, and 2-in. NPT, allowing the user to choose the size and range that best suits their needs.

Dwyer Instruments; (800) 872-9141

Smart manometer boasts accuracy, more

The M2 Series smart manometer is reportedly a highly accurate handheld instrument that makes pressure calibration and monitoring an effortless process. It features a compact yet rugged design and has the accuracy to serve as a pressure reference standard. The manometer features 11 selectable user units; ranges to handle gauge, differential, absolute, or vacuum pressure; minimum/maximum capture for varying pressure signals; 1 point or 5 point field recalibration for zero, span, and linearity; leak test procedure to calculate leak rate in units selected per minute; flow function to display square root flow rated in user defined units; custom-molded protective rubber boot; and a polycarbonate enclosure with permanently static dissipative, ESD protection.

Meriam Process Technologies; (216) 281-1100

Metal pump withstands harsh conditions

The 51-mm (2-in.) Pro-Flo X Original Series metal pump (PX8) is equipped with the Pro-Flo X air distribution system (ADS). The Efficiency Management System (EMS) optimizes the Pro-Flo X ADS to specific operation parameters. With a turn of an integrated control dial, the pump user selects the desired efficiency point and flow rate that best suits the application. The pump is groundable and suitable for harsh environments. It is available with aluminum, ductile iron or stainless steel wetted materials.

Wilden Pump & Engineering LLC; (909) 422-1730

Mobile devices capture, relay data anywhere

These M-ERP mobile devices can retrieve, edit and return data to your business software. Mobile-ERP allows data entry right at the source. Wherever you may be, the information is accessible through the central ERP system, which reportedly eliminates double entries. All data is captured in real-time and ensures direct communication with management.

CSB-System International; (800) 852-9977

System detects fire and gas hazards

The HazardWatch integrated fire and gas detection system helps protect operations, equipment and staff from fire and combustible gases while meeting safety standards. The modular system combines a programmable logic controller (PLC) platform with advanced gas and flame sensing field devices. It is scalable, making it suitable for small systems to large plant-wide applications. Up to 13 local gas and fire alarm panels can operate over a network of up to 25 kilometers in length. The system features a standalone local fire and gas alarm panel with a color touch screen with an easy-to-use, human-machine interface (HMI) that is also FM approved for central station monitoring.

General Monitors; (800) 330-9161

Argon analyzer detects water

The Series 1400 analyzer measures trace amounts of moisture (H2O) in argon. Two models cover different analytical ranges: Model 1400-A covers 0-2/0-20 ppm; Model 1400-B covers 0-20/0-200 ppm. Detection is based on spectral emission of argon plasma. High signal gain and improved noise rejection gives the Series 1400 a guaranteed sensitivity of 10 parts-per-billion (ppb) for H2O. It is designed as a rugged, low cost, low maintenance, straightforward instrument to operate. There are no valves, carrier gas, or radioactive source. The analyzer is virtually maintenance-free.

GOW-MAC Instrument Co.; (610) 954-9000

Containment valve offers security and safety

This containment valve is suitable for operation in areas where Operator Exposure Levels (OEL) are limited and high containment operations are essential. The compact valve is designed in two sections, active and passive, and is air operated using a single actuator. Centering bolts ensure proper alignment while vacuum sealing and a connection to the dust collection system guarantee complete containment and increased operator safety. The vacuum system also provides the locking system to prevent separation during operation. The lightweight unit operates without the connection of extra hoses or cables. A mobile cleaning unit provides cleaning of the active section, while the passive section can be cleaned in a container wash station.

L.B. Bohle; (215) 957-1240

Hoses suit critical air-handling jobs

These flexible hoses and ducting are flame-retardant to UL94V-0 and are UL recognized for safety-critical air handling applications such as ventilation, filtering, and fume evacuation. Versatile 2PN and TD-S/TD-HS flexible hoses are ideal for confined spaces. Hoses are available in standard 25-ft. lengths and can be cuffed for easy installation and tighter seals. They are available in various diameters and can withstand service temperatures ranging from -40°F to 250°F.

Hi-Tech Duravent; (800) 451-5985

Drum filler quickly loads four drums simultaneously

The Bare Bones palletized drum filler reportedly can add material to four drums in four minutes. The drum filler is for low-volume or batching operations that handle four 55-gallon drums sequentially. This same machine will fill IBC’s or pails on a pallet. Standard construction material is all-welded structural steel. A digital weight meter (NTEP-approved) with easy-to-read display and operator-prompting is included — with a 5,000-pound-capacity scale base and four NTEP-approved load cells, a NEMA-12 enclosure, microprocessor controller, and an RS-232 port for optional data acquisition and printer connection. Additional standard equipment includes encoder, air drive, a drip pan, wiper ring, data logging and many software enhancements.

Specialty Equipment; (713) 467-1818

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