Is Your Data Useful, Helpful And Actionable?

June 29, 2018
Data without context, without precedents or without an understanding of the factors underlying and contributing to it can be catastrophically misleading.

Insiders and outsiders will pitch you all day long on the value and virtues of big data and the industrial internet of things. People demand to know why you aren’t doing more with and for the IIoT. It’s enough to make you think you work for the IIoT, rather than the other way around.

Here’s a piece of advice: Make the IIoT work for you. Every time someone pushes an IIoT or big-data solution on you, ask three simple questions:

What business results will this deliver? (Note: “Visibility” is not a business result.)
Will this deliver relevant data or just more data?
What do actual users need, want, and say?
The broader picture is this:

“Technology doesn’t achieve results; people do.” It’s old logic. In the right hands, technology is relevant, even critical. The same technology in lesser hands achieves nothing, or worse.

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