Sethco Division

July 16, 2004
New and Improved Drum Pump
Sethco, a division of Met-Pro Corp., has introduced a new, improved series of high volume sealless drum pumps. New features and improvements include a more effective vapor seal, which improves bearing life. Vapor seal replacement it is now easier and less expensive.

The P90 also incorporates an encapsulated bearing cup assembly, a one piece coupling, and a full length shaft. No special tools are needed for servicing. The new P90 drum pump diameter is designed to fit any drum, and is available in 3 materials of construction. Polypropylene construction is recommended for hydrochloriic acid, sulfuric acid, most electroplating solutions, sodium hydroxide, alkaline solutions, chromic acid and other nonflammable solutions. PVDF construction is recommended for strong mineral and oxidizing acids, alkalies, metal etchants, chlorine, aqueous caustic, organic and non flammable solvents. Stainless steel construction is recommended for alkalies, aqueous caustic, light oils and solvents.

The P90 pump is available in 4 standard sizes. 30-in. lengths for carboys, 40-in. lengths for drums, and 50-in. and 602 lengths for vats, tanks and oversized containers. Custom lengths are available. All pump tube assemblies are interchangeable. The pump tube can easily and quickly be connected and disconnected from the motor. The pump can transfers corrosive liquids at flow rates up to 35 gpm. The sealless design assures durability and continuous operation.

The P90 pump is driven by a high-power, double insulated 1150-W motor. The motor is designed to drive the pump continuously at specific gravities up to 1.86 and is protected in a corrosion resistant, high-strength, impact resistant case. gloves. An air motor and explosion proof motor are also available.