July 21, 2004
Inventory Management Software

Brady/TISCOR, a provider of mobile workforce automation software systems and facility management solutions, announces its inventory management software called Inventory Track as part of the company’s new TRACK Pak product line.

Inventory Track is a computerized system comprised of software, hand-held computers and bar codes. Users can track the receiving, storing and transferring of any type of item or inventory using hand-held computers.

In addition, Inventory Track software combines a series of databases and a report module to track a facility’s items and inventory. The system provides an easy way to account for the usage and location of inventory through functions such as time-and-date stamping, bar coded labels and reports.

Inventory Track uses five databases to keep track of information:

  • A User Database that contains records for all authorized users of the program
  • A Location Database that stores information about all of the locations in which items can be stored
  • An Item Database that can be customized to fit a user’s needs
  • A Relationship Database that is used internally
  • A Transaction Database that keeps track of all asset activity and movement.

Inventory Track’s report module walks users step-by-step through the process of printing item and inventory reports. Users can document all item movement over a specific time period, or users merely can get a print out showing who used an item on a particular day. If users would like to track items using a hand-held device, Inventory Track includes device functions that operate at the push of a button.