Voltage Sensor Helps Manufacturers Improve Production Yields, Product Integrity

Nov. 4, 2008
Trek Inc. Introduces Electrostatic Voltage Sensor

Trek Inc., a designer and manufacturer of high-performance electrostatic instrumentation and high-voltage power amplifiers, recently introduced a new Electrostatic Voltage Sensor (Trek Model 875). This new sensor is designed for in-line monitoring of electrostatic charge build-up, which if left unchecked would disrupt manufacturing processes and/or cause product degradation and early life failure of semiconductors and other charge-sensitive components.  Additionally, manufacturers can monitor production lines and other manufacturing processes in real time, thereby enabling process adjustments to be made that will improve production yields and product integrity.

Model 875 features a measurement probe with automatic calibration technology, which enhances the utility of the sensor by maintaining high accuracy and speed, even as the distance between the non-contacting probe and the monitored surface changes, unlike other measurement technologies which require fixed-probe-to-surface spacing. 

Other features include a voltage measurement range of +/- 500 V DC or peak AC, accuracy of +/- 0.5%, speed of 25 ms, and low noise of 2.5% of full scale. Buffered output voltage and current monitors (4 to 20 mA) are provided for remote monitoring and alarm purposes. The unit is powered by +24 V DC.