Software Package Defines and Manages Health Indicators for Asset Strategies

Dec. 1, 2008
Meridium debuts Asset Health monitoring solution

Meridium Inc. debuts Asset Health Indicators in v3.3.1 of its APM software package. Meridium’s Asset Health Indicator (AHI) solution is an extension of Meridium’s Asset Strategy Management application and provides the ability to define and manage health indicators for asset strategies, ensuring that all aspects of equipment conditions are monitored for effectiveness. Asset Health Indicators provide visibility to critical aspects of asset and strategy conditions so owners can be alerted and notified when thresholds are exceeded. Asset Health Indicators can leverage data from existing Meridium APM sources in addition to sources which are interfaced to Meridium, such as enterprise asset management and condition/health monitoring systems. Asset Health Indicators are defined with high and low criteria for warning and alarm conditions, triggering personnel to take follow-up action.

Also included in this latest 3.3.1 version of Meridium’s APM solution are:

  • SAP Interfaces — The APM SAP Interfaces for Meridium include nine integration scenarios built upon Meridium’s SAP Integration Services, which ensure Meridium business processes stay in synch with SAP Asset Management processes. The interface scenarios also include an SAP Portal Query iView which delivers any Meridium data to the SAP Portal environment.
  • Meridium Web Client — Meridium has extended the capabilities of its web-based functionality to enable basic Meridium workflows to be conducted completely through a web browser. With the Web Client, Meridium users can create web homepages based on HTML or URLs; create, update and delete Meridium records; and view reports and queries as well as navigate the full Meridium catalog.
  • Operator Rounds — Bar code scanning is supported during route execution for asset verification and measurement location data collection.
  • Thickness Monitoring — Meridium Thickness Monitoring features reengineered user interfaces and enhanced usability, which has streamlined many of the tasks that engineers perform while managing thickness inspections and asset corrosion.