IR Thermometer Has a Built-in Laser Pointer for Accurate Aiming

March 16, 2009
Telatemp has developed a pistol-grip IR thermometer

Telatemp has developed a pistol-grip IR thermometer with a built-in laser pointer that allows accurate aiming for non-contact temperature measurements. The unit is designed for measuring surface temperatures that are difficult or dangerous to access. Applications include plant maintenance of rotary equipment, testing for hot spots on electrical panels, checking tires, truck brakes, cooling systems, HVAC systems and process operations.

A large, backlit LCD display makes measurement in dark or low-light conditions easy and practical. Basic accuracy is ± 2%F over a range of 0° to 600°F (-20° to 320°C) or ± 2°C (whichever is greater). The unit is °F/°C switchable.

The fixed emissivity (0.95) covers 90% of surface temperature measurement applications, and audible and visible over-range indicators are standard. The unit is powered by a 9V battery and has automatic power off for long battery life. Field of view is 6:1 (a six-inch distance measures a one-inch target). The area being measured increases in size as the distance to the target increases.