Condition Monitoring Kit Includes Four Machine Assessment Tools

May 18, 2010
Solution provides repeatable and accurate measurements with the Machine Condition Advisor.
The basic condition monitoring kit includes tools to inspect and assess overall machine condition, as well as to test bearings, pumps, motors, compressors and other components that affect machine functionality. It includes: the Machine Condition Advisor (model no. CMAS 100-SL), which measures machine vibration signals and temperature simultaneously to assess bearing condition; the External Sensor Kit, an accessory that includes a magnet to make external vibration analyses on hard-to-reach surfaces more convenient, as well as providing more repeatable and accurate measurements with the Machine Condition Advisor; the Infrared Thermometer, a dual laser-sighted, non-contact instrument for long-range temperature assessments; and the Inspector 400 Ultrasonic Probe, which measures pressure and vacuum leaks in valve seats and exhaust systems. The probe also inspects steam traps, gearboxes and general mechanical performance; tests bearings, tanks and pipes; and can trouble shoot heat exchangers, boilers and condensers.