Analyzer Measures Oxygen In Flue Gases

May 18, 2012
In-situ design places zirconium oxide sensing element at end of probe.

Emerson Process Management has released the Rosemount Analytical 6888 in situ O2 analyzer, a new solution for combustion flue gas analysis. The 6888 analyzer measures the oxygen remaining in the flue gases coming from combustion processes such as boilers, incinerators, kilns, process heaters, and industrial heating furnaces.
The in situ design of the 6888 places a zirconium oxide sensing element at the end of a probe which can be inserted directly into a flue gas stream. Probe lengths are available from 18 inches to 12 feet, and a slip mounting option provides the ability to mount a long probe at any insertion depth.

Signal conditioning electronics reside in the head of each probe, eliminating the need for expensive signal cable. The 6888 is fully field-repairable. All active components can be replaced including the diffuser/filter, sensing cell, heater and thermocouple, and all electronics cards. A dual-channel operator interface unit provides an easy-to-use method of set-up, calibration and failure diagnostics.