Ultrasonic Sensor Provides Non-Invasive Corrosion/Erosion Monitoring

Feb. 13, 2014
The data logger is intrinsically safe and suitable for offshore, refinery or pipeline applications.

Rohrback Cosasco launched the Ultracorr 2, a next-generation portable corrosion/erosion monitoring system. The Ultracorr provides direct wall-thickness and temperature measurement on a pipe or vessel, using fixed ultrasonic transducers mounted at various locations throughout a site.

The data logger is intrinsically safe and suitable for offshore, refinery or pipeline applications where direct corrosion/erosion of complex pipe geometry is needed or where monitoring locations are in areas where access may be limited. The Ultracorr non-invasive corrosion/erosion monitoring system complements the process corrosion/erosion information obtained from the intrusive probe technique.

After initial installation, access to the corrosion monitoring point is no longer required. The sensor will be permanently fixed to the outer pipe wall, and the cable/connector can be run to a convenient location for taking thickness and temperature readings using the portable interrogator/data logger unit. These readings can then be downloaded using an IS Bluetooth handheld unit and subsequently transferred to a PC running Corrdata II software for storage and trend analysis.

The sensors are Zone 1 rated for temperatures up to 302  degrees Fahrenheit and are equipped with an integral RTD temperature sensor, which enables taking of simultaneous metal thickness and pipe wall temperature readings. Typical measurement time per sensors is a few seconds. The user can program the Ultracorr 2 to collect data using an IS Zone 1 rated portable Bluetooth instrument.