Fluke Introduces TiX Series Infrared Cameras

Jan. 20, 2015
Fluke Corporation launched its highest resolution infrared camera series, the Fluke TiX Series Infrared Cameras.

Fluke Corporation launched its highest resolution infrared camera series, the Fluke TiX Series. The TiX1000 (with 1024 x 768 resolution), TiX660 and TiX640 (both 640 x 480) feature up to 10 times the on-camera pixels as are available on standard 320 x 240 cameras and a large 5.6-inch articulating display, according to Fluke. The TiX Expert Series delivers highly detailed image quality, advanced focusing options and the ability to capture accurate measurements from targets that are challenging, dangerous or fast-moving.

The SuperResolution mode feature on the TiX1000 and TiX660 cameras increases image resolution when viewed in the included SmartView software. The TiX Series can be sub-windowed to 240 Hz frame rate to capture and analyze sudden temperature changes. The camera series features eight lens options (two telephoto, two wide angle, three macro and one standard). The combination of high resolution and telephoto lenses captures detailed thermal images from a safe distance for oil and gas, utilities and preventive/predictive maintenance applications. The cameras, combined with a macro lens, also deliver extreme close-up views in great detail, according to Fluke.

The EverSharp multifocal recording mode utilizes the focus motor to capture multiple images from varying focal distances. Fluke SmartView software combines the images taken from multiple focal distances and creates an image that sharpens the detail of the initial focal point and the elements around the focal point, providing an in-focus image for objects at different distances. LaserSharp Auto Focus, auto focus and manual focus also capture in-focus images.