Flowrox Introduces Expulse Pulsation Dampener

March 19, 2015
Product settles pressure peaks and ensures continuous fluid flow.

Flowrox launches the Expulse pulsation dampener designed to assist during pump and dampener maintenance by reducing noise and vibration. The Expulse is suitable for use in the oil & gas, mining, metallurgy and other industries where pipes and valves are used to move materials or fluids using pressure.

Traditional pulsating pump dampeners are known to produce unbalanced shaking that can result in failure or operational drawbacks, which in turn require additional add-ons and devices to counter these challenges. The Expulse quiets noise while settling pressure peaks and ensuring a continuous fluid flow.

The Flowrox Expulse can reduce energy consumption by up to 10%, according to the company. The reduction in the hammering of the pipeline and pump may also lead to extended operational lifetime for the pump bearing and gearbox.

The Flowrox Expulse flexible pulsation dampener prevents the collection of sediment, particles or residue due to a built-in self-cleaning operation.