Larson Electronics Introduces EPL-AMB-70LED-50 LED Light

Jan. 12, 2016
Explosion-proof LED light with adjustable magnetic base allows users to install light on unsymmetrical ferrous surfaces.

Larson Electronics releases a 70-watt explosion proof LED light with an adjustable magnetic base that allows users to install the light on unsymmetrical ferrous surfaces. The EPL-AMB-70LED-50 low profile LED light provide operators in the tank cleaning industry a versatile magnetic mount lighting solution that can be placed on curved surfaces, such as tank walls. The 70-watt LED tank cleaning light provides 6,000 lumens of high quality light and is available in an optional 360° or 180° beam spread. The copper free aluminum alloy body is powder coated for added durability against shock and vibration and an attractive aesthetic appearance. The heat dissipating design along with LED driver technology reportedly helps the fixture achieve a 100,000 hour rated lifespan with 70% lumen retention.

The magnetic mounting bracket includes eight grip magnetic bases that provide a total of 800 pounds of grip. The magnets are arranged in groups of two and are attached to the light with adjustable U brackets allowing the operator to adjust the magnets to match the curvature of tank walls or other curved surfaces. The magnetic mount system is constructed of non-sparking aluminum for light weight and durability, and the simple swing hinge design allows operators to adjust the lamp assembly to position the unit as a pedestal lamp if desired. The light is multi-voltage capable and can be operated with 100-277 volts AC and includes 50 feet of SOOW cord terminated in a 1523 explosion proof straight blade plug for complete protection within the hazardous location.