Electro Static Technology Introduces Aegis Shaft Voltage Tester Digital Oscilloscope

Jan. 27, 2016
Digital oscilloscope is designed to capture accurate voltage measurements from spinning motor shafts.

The new Aegis Shaft Voltage Tester Digital Oscilloscope makes it easier to check in-service motors for damaging VFD-induced shaft voltages and head off bearing damage and costly unplanned equipment downtime, according to Electro Static Technology. The Aegis Shaft Voltage Tester Digital Oscilloscope is designed and configured to capture accurate voltage measurements from the spinning shafts of motors.

The CAT II/III digital oscilloscope comes with a conductive microfiber tipped probe, a probe holder with magnetic base and a compact carrying case. The 2-channel, full-function 100 MHz oscilloscope has a 5.7” TFT LCD color display, a multi-language user interface and a 5-hour rechargeable/replaceable lithium-ion battery pack. The oscilloscope is reportedly capable of sampling rates of 1 GSa/s to 50 GSa/s and has a USB port for data transfer or flash drive storage.  The Aegis One-Touch screen capture feature simplifies data collection for reporting and analysis. Screen images can be saved to a USB by pushing and holding the “save” button for six seconds. The Aegis Digital Oscilloscope can be configured for a variety of languages including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Korean and Arabic.

With dual inputs, the Aegis Shaft Voltage Tester combines oscilloscope, multimeter and recorder functions in a single unit. The multimeter function provides measurements for resistance (ohms), continuity, diode capacitance, DC volts, AC volts, DC current and AC current―all at 6000 count display resolution.

Aegis Shaft Voltage Tester Digital Oscilloscopes are offered in several packages. Accessories include a 9V/4A power adapter, 1X/10X oscilloscope probes, test leads for the multimeter, a probe calibration tool, a rechargeable/replaceable 5-hour battery and a USB flash drive with user manual. Replacement high-density conductive microfiber probe tips and spare batteries are also available.

If harmful shaft voltage levels are found, installing an Aegis Ring will safely divert the voltages to ground, extending motor life and ensuring the operation of the VFD-driven motor system.