BlueCielo Mobile App Expedites Workflow Tasks

July 10, 2017
The mobile app expedites remote reviews and approvals of asset documents.

BlueCielo, a provider of software to monitor and control technical information throughout the asset lifecycle, launches a new mobile application, the BlueCielo Meridian Mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows phones and tablets. The mobile app provides users with mobile access to their BlueCielo Meridian vault “My To-Do List” and enables reviewers and approvers of asset documents to take action on their workflow tasks while they are away from their desk. The Meridian Mobile app works with BlueCielo Meridian 2014 Standard or higher and is available for no charge in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Users can progress their action item list, search documents by properties, navigate with thumbnail images and view available PDF renditions. In addition, they can include comments, reassign items to others and take action on workflow items such as ‘approve’ or ‘reject’ – in a secure mobile environment.

Organizations can configure BlueCielo Meridian vaults to align with their specific workflows and requirements to optimize workflows and facilitate best practices, including configurable workflows and actions, according to the company. In addition to user authentication and rights management, mobile access can also be restricted to VP or LAN only for added security.

“We expect our customers will benefit from faster responses and workflow actions by extending their users workflows beyond the desktop. What’s more, these workflows are highly configurable so they can best match or establish best practices for each enterprise,” says Pat Jenakanandhini, CTO at BlueCielo. “And, of course, organizations will confidently maintain control of their critical asset information, as well as have visibility into the status and progress at all times.”

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