On-Demand Webcast: Asset Management

Sept. 4, 2011
This on-demand event offers insight into asset-management best practices.

Chemical Processing, in partnership with Emerson Process Management, offered a comprehensive discussion on asset management.

Watch this on-demand panel discussion – Asset Management

Getting the most out of equipment is crucial for efficient and economic plant operations. This discussion will provide practical pointers for optimizing asset use, improve efficiency and lower maintenance costs.


Robert Skeirik
Wireless Program Manager
Asset Optimization

Robert Skeirik has more than 20 years with Emerson. He served in product management for Emerson’s CSI brand vibration products for the last 15 years. He is now the Senior Product Manager for Emerson’s Wireless Asset Management offerings.
Robert obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Physics from Michigan State University and an MBA in International Marketing from the University of Pittsburgh. He has written, published and presented numerous papers in multiple languages across six continents.
Walt McNutt
Sr. Machine Reliability Lead

Walt McNutt has worked for Chevron Refining for the past 33 years. He has held numerous positions in the reliability and maintenance organizations. He spent 13 years at the Richmond California Refinery and 13 years at the Salt Lake City Utah Refinery. He also spent 3 years in Angola Africa with Chevron’s off-shore oil platforms. He is currently the Senior Machinery Reliability Leader for Corporate Chevron Refining with responsibilities for machinery reliability at all of the Chevron Refineries worldwide.

Phil Niccolls
VP Industry Marketing
Emerson Process Management

Before joining Emerson, Phil worked in the OEM / Engineering segment covering Food & Beverage and Plastics & Chemical process plant. His career has covered process automation, project management, sales and general management. He has worked and lived in Asia (Philippines and China), Europe (UK and Austria) and since 2008 in Colorado USA. He joined Emerson with specific responsibility for Industry Sales & Marketing covering Food & Beverage, Pulp & Paper, Metals & Mining, Industrial Energy and Alternative Fuels before taking up his recent position as VP Industry Marketing and Applications Development, although he claims to still be an Engineer at heart.

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Original Air Date: August 25, 2011

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