Aveva And SCG Will Develop Digital Reliability Platform

Oct. 21, 2020
Strategic collaboration between the organizations extends the engineering digital twin and harnesses AI-infused asset performance management to prevent unplanned downtime.

Aveva, provider of engineering and industrial software, and Chemicals Business, SCG, a petrochemical company in Thailand and a key industry player in Asia, announce a strategic partnership to develop a Digital Reliability Platform (DRP), a complete asset performance management (APM) offering to predict equipment health, monitor performance and enable advanced maintenance across its operations to eliminate unplanned downtime. The DRP was completed through a collaborative effort between Aveva and Chemicals Business, SCG. The partnership reportedly matches the company’s broader digital transformation imperative to become a data-driven organization to advance its position as a leader in the petrochemical industry and to take the DRP offerings to the market.

Asset reliability is critical for asset intensive businesses such as petrochemicals, according to Aveva. Unplanned shutdowns cause significant negative impacts on petrochemical value chains. Digital transformation initiatives enable businesses to address this risk by harnessing data to build and deploy an advanced APM product to monitor critical assets and predict failure towards a goal of zero unplanned shutdowns. The offering integrates online and offline equipment data to visualize plant performance, enhance workforce efficiency and apply artificial intelligence (AI) for predictive maintenance and resolution.

The Digital Reliability Platform will bring together digital innovations and practitioner knowledge to increase work efficiency and safety to establish a new competitive standard within the industry, according to Aveva.

For more information, visit: www.aveva.com

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