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IChemE Expands Member Access To New Technical Textbooks

July 30, 2021
New digitalization, major hazards and clean energy books are available on Knovel.

New titles available to IChemE members on Knovel

Members of the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) can access 25 new technical textbooks including publications on digitalization, major hazard management and clean energy added in 2021 on Knovel, an online resource of books, technical information, interactive equations and analytical tools.  IChemE members have free access to more than 300 leading references and databases via Knovel. Available titles are reviewed and updated each year to ensure members have access to the latest releases and to respond to user demand.

Some of the new additions will help members enhance their work in digitalization, such as “Intelligent Digital Oil and Gas Fields: Concepts, Collaboration, and Right-time Decisions.” The book introduces the new age of digital oil and gas technology and includes examples of lessons learned from a variety of reservoirs and production situations from around the world. It is a valuable reference for managers, engineers, operations and IT experts to understand specifics on how to filter data to create useful information, address analytics and link workflows across the production chain, enabling better decision-making with a higher degree of certainty and reduced risk.

“Human Factors in the Chemical and Process Industries: Making it Work in Practice (First Edition)” is a new book inspired by the international human factors training course run by The Keil Centre and IChemE. Written for safety professionals, engineers and operational disciplines within the major hazards industry, it reportedly is a key title for those who deal with human factors issues in their core role.

To support process engineers in clean energy development, IChemE adds “Hydroprocessing for Clean Energy: Design, Operation and Optimization.” It provides a holistic approach to changing process conditions, process design changes and process technology upgrades for improving operations at hydroprocessing units. Other titles added include: “Solar Hydrogen Production: Processes, Systems and Technologies,” “Cybersecurity of Industrial Systems.” “Chemical Engineering Design (6th Edition)” and “What Went Wrong? Case Histories of Process Plant Disasters and How They Could Have Been Avoided (6th Edition).” IChemE adds “Applications in Design and Simulation of Sustainable Chemical Processes” and “Guide to Quantitative Risk Assessment for Offshore Installations” due to member demand.

For more information, visit: www.icheme.org/knovel

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