Decoding The Digital Transformation Disconnect

March 26, 2022
Special report points out why manufacturers must put automation into action

Special Report -- Understand Issues In Digital Transformation
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Smart technologies and connected decision-making have become critical to maximizing operational speed and efficiency, helping manufacturers to find growth opportunities when they don’t know where the industry is heading next.

To understand the consequences of this “digital transformation disconnect,” Aptean surveyed 275 North American manufacturers on their current automation capabilities and future plans.

While many companies have developed a digital transformation strategy, fewer are executing these plans quickly. Even big guns like Dow and BASF have had to carve out a path and find their way through challenges.

Indeed, Aptean found organizations in business for 20+ years are more likely to be relying on legacy systems and longstanding processes than investing in new technologies. Because of this, they risk being “caught napping” by younger competitors more focused on innovation.

To help others navigate new technologies, Chemical Processing and Aptean have put together a special report -- Understand Issues In Digital Transformation.