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Maintenance: Cloud Paints Complete Data Picture

To improve uptime, asset health, and labor efficiency, maintenance and reliability teams must aggregate all of their data in one place.

By Frederic Baudart, CMRP, Fluke

Just as a child must connect all the dots to reveal a picture, maintenance teams must be able to connect all of their data to have a complete picture of equipment health. With cloud-based software, remote wireless sensors, and handheld tools, technicians and managers can access condition-based data for any asset at any time using a PC or their smart devices. This article explores how teams can improve visibility and uptime of assets with sensors that send data to the cloud.

Benefits Of Cloud-Based Data Aggregation

Maintenance teams face challenges as they begin the journey from a reactive to a proactive strategy. For plant managers who want to maintain uptime, engineers who value precise data to track asset health or the maintenance manager trying to stay ahead of failures, some cloud-based software can aggregate data from handheld tools used in route-based activities and the continuous data provided by wireless sensors.

This capability is important because many maintenance teams are planning to move to condition-based maintenance but still rely primarily on routes or time-based maintenance. Being able to aggregate data from these activities in one centralized location allows them to add sensors on assets that are critical to the system or process.

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