Reliability & Maintenance

Equipment Care Delivers Improved Reliability, Quality and Safety

A successful care program depends as much upon behavior change as new processes and tools.

By Chemical Processing Staff

At a young age most people learn that if you take care of your belongings they will last longer. It’s an easy concept to grasp when it’s your money on the line. But how do you ensure that employees take the same care with expensive equipment on the shop floor?

The first step is to give operators ownership. Equip them with a program that will help them succeed and be certain they understand why an operator care program is important to them as well as the company.

Operator care programs are typically identified by five phases or stages all individuals progress through when they change:

1. awareness of the need for change (why);
2. desire to support and participate in the change (our choice);
3. knowledge about how to change (the learning process);
4. ability to implement the change (turning knowledge into action); and
5. reinforcement to sustain the change (celebrating success).

It’s often believed that achieving success with an operator care program depends as much upon behavior change as new processes and tools.

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