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Process Industry Practices (PIP) and Information Handling Services (IHS) join forces

Process Industry Practices (PIP) and Information Handling Services (IHS) have recently entered into an agreement that will enable PIP Practices to reach an even broader audience.

Process Industry Practices (PIP) and Information Handling Services (IHS) have recently entered into an agreement that will enable PIP Practices to reach an even broader audience.  PIP Practices will now be available through the IHS Specs & Standards subscription service.  This IHS service provides immediate 24x7 electronic access to the PIP content, in addition to more than one million technical documents and images from 370 standards developing organizations (SDOs) worldwide.

The PIP/IHS agreement provides PIP with a new avenue to reach out to a broader range of potential users and accommodate IHS customers with specific needs that cannot be met by the four PIP options mentioned below.  Many companies in the process and related industries (such as pharmaceuticals, pulp & paper, and power) will be able to benefit from access to not only individual electronic copies of the PIP Practices but also “compilations” or “custom collections” that they can create to accommodate their unique needs.  These special categories provided by IHS allow companies to group together certain Practices to meet the needs of specific segments of a determined marketplace.

Customers benefit from the expertise of IHS in managing critical technical information, as with the PIP Practices, to realize significant cost savings from the standardization of work processes, tools, parts, and materials.  Other savings include:
• Lowering the cost of capital projects and maintenance work with no loss of value.
• Compressing schedules by reducing time to develop and employ standards to execute projects and to maintain facilities.
• Leveraging limited technical resources.
• Reducing the costs of maintaining internal company standards.

Prior to the IHS Agreement PIP had four options to access or purchase the Practices: Membership, Subscription, Licensing, and Paper Copy Sales.  PIP Member Companies have online access to all PIP Practices and other useful online resources.  PIP Member Companies supply the technical resources and additional information for the harmonization process that enables development of PIP Practices.  PIP Subscribers also have online access to their subscribed PIP Practices.  Members and Subscribers receive updated information when a Practice has been published or revised.  PIP Licenses are contracts to allow specific use of any or all PIP Practices.  Licensees are usually companies that wish to use PIP Practices in their derivative works.  PIP Practices are also available to purchase as individual paper copies.

For more information on the IHS Specs & Standards please visit  If you would also like more information on PIP please visit

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