eHandbook: Be Level-Headed About Level

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Loss of level control has contributed to significant industrial incidents that have caused catastrophic results and numerous fatalities. It is imperative that you do not underestimate the risk of overfilling and that you consider all factors involved in proper level oversight. Do you know the “Golden Rule” for nozzle placement for level measurements? Have you heard of the seven simple steps that can provide proper protection? Our latest eHandbook addresses these issues and more.

To help stay level, we’ve put together another Chemical Processing eHandbook. It includes advice on:

• Properly Measure Liquid/Liquid Interfaces -- Follow a simple rule for location of level gauge nozzles
• Don’t Underestimate Overfilling’s Risk -- High level can pose serious hazards but seven simple steps can prevent them
• Select the Correct Non-Contact Sensor -- 3D, radar and laser scanners all provide continuous level measurement but suit different applications.
• Increase Ultrasonic Sensor Reliability -- Familiarity with application environments, transducers and product design can help inform purchasing decisions

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