SensoTech Introduces LiquiSonic Inline Analyzer

LiquiSonic inline analyzer from SensoTech continuously measures the hydrofluoric acid strength, water content and concentration of acid soluble oils. SensoTech and HF Alkylation Consultants jointly developed the measuring system, which consists of two sensors and one controller. The sensors are installed directly into the existing main pipe of the alkylation unit. Measurement accuracy is reportedly ± 0.05 wt% and the installation does not require a bypass. For the inline concentration measurement, a sonic velocity sensor and a density sensor are ex-certified and made of corrosion resistant material (Hastelloy C276). The rugged design is maintenance-free.

Real-time information is provided online. The LiquiSonic controller visualizes and stores the data completely. Installing and operating the controller can occur in a safe area. Remote access options allow operation from the laboratory or a computer. Via 4-20 mA, digital outputs, serial interfaces and fieldbus or Ethernet, the controller can be integrated into a network and process control system.

With the inline concentration measurement directly in the process, deviations from reference values are recognized immediately, so countermeasures can be taken in time.


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