Monitoring And Analysis Software Receives Updates

GE’s Intelligent Platforms business launched a new version of the Proficy Monitoring & Analysis Suite (PMAS), which integrates its industrial data historian, Proficy Historian with its advanced analytics capabilities, Proficy SmartSignal.  The new offering also utilizes GE’s Predix platform for the industrial internet.

PMAS is an end-to-end solution that uses Proficy Historian to collect organize, store, visualize and analyze data, and Advanced Analytics software based on Proficy SmartSignal to improve asset health and process performance by providing early detection of emerging equipment failure.

Because it is fully integrated, PMAS reduces implementation costs, time-to-benefit and risk, according to GE. GE offers full implementation, monitoring and maintenance services from GE equipment and software experts so PMAS can be used by any company, regardless of level of IT and engineering expertise.

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