Leak Diverter Kit Catches Nuisance Leaks Quickly

New Pig has introduced the Pig spring-open roof leak diverter kit designed to quickly deploy from its storage bag and provide a fully functioning leak diverter in less than two minutes. The diverter catches nuisance leaks and channels them to a floor drain or collection container.

A rigid outer rim allows the diverter to spring open for quick, easy handling. The attached straps and hooks can then be positioned to keep the diverter in place while it collects overhead leaks. After positioning, a flexible PVC drainage hose can be clicked into place with the preinstalled quick-connect adapter. Made of non-permeable vinyl-coated fabric for strength and durability, the diverter resists punctures, UV damage and mildew.  

The kit features a flow rate of 3.33 gallons per minute when used with the supplied half-inch ID hose.