Easy Mount Chocks Eliminate Soft Foot

SKF Vibracon self-leveling and height adjustable chocks enable mounting of rotating machinery to base frames, steel foundations, or plates while eliminating soft foot (improper contact between a machine casing and the baseplate used to support it). The mechanical chocks effectively compensate for angular misalignment of up to four degrees between the mounting foundation and bottom of the machine foot. 

The SKF Vibracon design integrates a spherical top plate and mating middle section that is threaded and screws into a threaded bottom ring. The swiveling action of the top plate self-levels the Vibracon, accommodating for the angular differences inherent with mounting surfaces and maximizing the contact surface between the foundation, chock and machine foot. The vertical adjustment feature offers a wide range of adjustability to compensate for the chocking height of the equipment. 

Vibracon chocks can be supplied in a wide range of configurations, standard and extended chocking heights (ranging from 30mm to 250mm), footprint diameters (60mm to 250mm)  and materials including carbon steel, treated carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, shock hardened and K-Monel.  Low-profile versions (with chocking heights from 20mm to 45mm and footprint diameters from 80mm to 190mm) can support repair projects or fixed design systems by serving as replacements for milled chocks, shims or epoxy resins.  Custom-made Vibracon chocks are also available for non-typical applications.