Thermal Mass Flow Controller Handles High-Flow Applications

Brooks Instrument has expanded its GF 40/80 series portfolio of thermal mass flow controllers (MFCs) to enable a broader range of applications. The new GF81 MFC can be used for gas flow rates up to 300 slpm, making it suitable for high-flow applications in thin film, solar, analytical, biotech and fuel cell.

The GF81 provides the same high-stability sensor repeatability as the GF40/80 series but with a higher flow rate. Compared with competitive products offering a similar flow rate, the compact footprint and low power draw of the GF81 allows users to design smaller, more efficient systems, according to Brooks Instrument. It also was designed to provide better actual process gas accuracy over devices that use traditional single-point conversion factors.

The GF81 series features an all-metal seal flow path for durability and high leak integrity, precise flow control with fast sub-1-second settling times and 1 percent of reading accuracy. The GF81 series offers a wide range of digital and analog I/O options.

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Brooks Instrument