Syringe Pump System Allows Users to Configure Two Pumps with Independent Flow Rates

KD Scientific’s Legato 110 dual-rate syringe pump system (Legato 110 DRS) offers researchers the flexibility to start two pumps simultaneously for delivery of two independent flow rates. The pumps are synchronized through a special input/output cable included with the system.

The Legato 110 DRS comes with two programmable infuse/withdraw syringe pumps along with an input/output communications cable to synchronously operate the pumps. This syringe pump system allows the user to configure two different pumps with independent flow rates using the built-in multistep programming and input/output signal communication. All control is set through the Legato touchscreen user interface. No external programming or computer is required.

Both syringe pumps in the system have a flow-rate range of 1.28 pl/min to 88.28 ml/min. Each pump can be individually set for whatever the experiment requires. Syringes from 0.5 ul to 60 ml can be used. The Legato 110 has an accuracy of +/-0.5 percent and a reproducibility of +/- 0.05 percent.

The large color display on both pumps in the system allows the user to see all the system operating parameters to ensure proper operation during the experiments. Syringe size and flow rates can be displayed as well as the volume delivered and the elapsed time.

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