Rear-Inlet Pipeline Regulator includes High-Flow Encapsulated Soft Seat

Concoa has introduced a new industrial pipeline regulator designed to exceed heavy heating and cutting pressure and flow requirements.

The 9940 series industrial regulator incorporates a new high-flow encapsulated soft seat, which has a low cracking pressure. This, coupled with a large orifice size, was designed to enhance the safety and productivity of low-pressure fuel gases. With adequate supply, this enables use of larger heating heads to maximize BTU output.

Configured with a 65-mm neoprene diaphragm the 9940 provides stable pressure control. The 9940 incorporates Concoa’s capsule technology [max inlet 450 PSIG (30 BAR)]. The encapsulated seat provides a high cycle life due to the integral positive pin stop that prevents the seat from being deformed.

Concoa’s capsule seat technology also surrounds the seat with a 55-micron sintered filter to prevent debris from damaging the seat. The encapsulated seat is a Concoa innovation that combines 10 to 12 seat components into one assembly, which may extend the service life of the regulator.

The 9940 includes outlet pressure ranges of 0 to 15, 40 and 20 psi. Compliant with CGA pipeline inlet and outlet connections, the 9940 series offers more visibility for fuel, oxygen and inert gases. The 9940 series weighs about 3.3 lbs. (1.5 kg).


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