Non-Contact Gas Leak Detector Analyzes 24 Discrete Ultrasonic Fingerprints

Detector Electronics Corp. (Det-Tronics) released its FlexSonic acoustic gas leak detector. Designed to withstand harsh environments, from arctic to tropical conditions, the FlexSonic detector recognizes unique ultrasound fingerprints. It analyzes 24 discrete ultrasonic bands, ignoring nuisance ultrasonic sources.  A high-fidelity microphone continuously monitors for the distinct ultrasound emitted by pressurized gas leaks across the widest spectrum of frequencies.

The FlexSonic detector can be programmed to ignore background noises, discerning between gas leaks and environmental noises, such as metal-on-metal contact, fans, machinery or vehicles. For noisy applications, the FlexSonic detector learns both regularly occurring and random sounds, detecting the actual acoustic gas leak signature. Det-Tronics is part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp.

Environmental protection
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Detector Electronics Corp.