New Spray System Provides Automatic Control of Spray Nozzles

The next generation of Spraying Systems’ AutoJet Model 1550 Modular Spray System is now available. This self-contained, compact system provides automatic control of spray nozzles to ensure uniform and accurate placement of the sprayed solution with minimal waste. The system is suitable for coating, marking and lubricating operations.

The AutoJet Model 1550+ Modular Spray System operates electrically and pneumatically actuated spray nozzles. When used with Spraying Systems’ hydraulic PulsaJet automatic nozzles, pulse width modulated (PWM) flow control is possible. Automatic adjustment of flow rate based on line speed, nearly instantaneous adjustment of flow rate and the ability to maintain low flow rates with larger spray orifices to reduce clogging are just a few of the potential benefits of PWM flow control.