Medium-Voltage Drive Features Direct-to-Line Connection

The ACS 2000, ABB’s active front end drive for general purpose applications, is now available with higher power capabilities, up to 3,000 HP. Developed with the latest drive technologies, The ACS 2000 is suitable for general-purpose applications where a medium-voltage installation is required, such as pumps, fans, blowers and conveyors.

 The ACS 2000’s direct-to-line connection means it’s transformerless, resulting in a small footprint for space-sensitive applications. This includes a high-voltage IGBT based active front end and multi-level switching topology. The ACS 2000 design provides near sinusoidal current and voltage waveforms making the drive compatible for use with standard NEMA rated motors.

The installed base for the ACS 2000 of both 4kV and 6kV ratings continues to expand in many countries with the release of the third 4kV frame size. In addition to the expansion in power ratings, additional pre-engineered options such as a fused input contactor with disconnect and an auxiliary power transformer have been added to the product line.

With the integration of an active front end (AFE), line-side harmonics are minimized without the use of expensive, specialized transformers. This ultra-low harmonic (ULH) design meets the requirements for current and voltage harmonic distortion per IEEE 519 and IEC 61000-2-4 standards.

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