FDA-Compliant Material-Handling Hose Reinforced With Polyurethane Fabric

Kuriyama has released a new heavy-duty, food-grade static dissipative material-handling hose. The new VLT-SD series hose was designed with a high-tensile strength, food-grade FDA polyester yarn jacket to handle both suction, and higher pressure discharge applications.

The hose tube complies with FDA requirements. Kuriyama has embedded the grounding wire in external helix to prevent material contamination. In addition, extra thick, abrasion-resistant double-ply polyurethane Tube provides for longer hose life and lower operating costs versus rubber or PVC hoses, according to Kuriyama.

Other features include transparent construction, which allows for visual conformation of material flow; cold-flex materials that help the hose remain flexible in subzero temperatures; a rigid helix design that protects the hose from wear and allows the hose to slide easily over rough surfaces; and an oil-resistant polyurethane tube that resists most animal and petroleum-based oils.

Typical applications include bulk truck and railcar unloading, food-grade material handling, heavy-duty abrasive material handling, milling machine scrap recovery, plastic processing equipment, pneumatic conveying equipment and suction and discharge.

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