Differential Pressure Transmitter Accurately Measures Smaller Pressure Changes

American Sensor Technologies Inc. launched the AST5300 wet/wet differential pressure transmitter with a 5 PSID measurement range to address requirements in the flow and filtration markets. The 5PSID is an additional, lower-pressure option. Customers can measure differential pressure with the same line pressure as the 10-PSI version, but will now have the differential.  When monitoring flow, customers can measure smaller changes in pressure across an orifice plate more accurately. 

For level measurement of sealed and vented tanks, the lower pressure range will measure smaller tanks more accurately.  For example, 5 psi is approximately a 138.4-inch water column (11.533 feet). While the thermal error is slightly greater for the 5-PSID range, the overall performance for lower pressures is greater by calibrating it at AST to 5 PSID. With the high side installed at the bottom of tank and low side measuring pressure at the top of the tank, pressurized vessels tanks can monitor pressure accurately.

The AST5300 wet/wet differential pressure transmitters /transducers offer low differential pressure ranges in high-line pressures (1,500 PSI) with substantial burst-pressure capabilities. With no oil filled cavities and no internal o-rings to fail, the AST5300 are suitable for food and beverage, oil and gas, fluid power, pharmaceuticals and semiconductor industries and cold ambients.

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